Car Disassembly 3D

Car Disassembly 3D 2.2

Examines highly detailed car parts in a full 3D view

Disassembles the parts of a car and has the possibility to place them back together. Takes a car and changes its color, adds a new hood and changes the wheels, basically, you can tune your car the way you want, have it look in any possible way. Three models are cars are available: Custom Hot Rod, AC Cobra, Lotus Seven.

In 'Car Disassembly 3D' user has chance to disassemble and reassemble real functional car 3D model. In the Operation Mode the user has a possibility to customize 3D model (change windshield, side glasses, roof, 4 types of hull color, sport wheels and more..). Also X-Ray mode shows how all assemblies are located under the hull. In the Game Mode - users can improve their local high score for disassembly-reassembly on time and compete with other users all over the world.

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